This repository is a monorepo containing an ever-growing collection of open-source tools and configs I maintain and use across many of my projects.


Consolidated monorepo documentation is available here


Note these configs are explicitly designed to be bleeding-edge -- for instance, they exclusively use ESM where supported, the upcoming eslint flat config format, etc. Don't expect a lot of backward compatibility prior to the first releases!

  • @cprussin/eslint-config: A strict (and opinionated) set of configs for generic javascript projects, React projects, and next.js projects. These configs are written with the new eslint flat config format and has some necessary hacks to make legacy modules that it uses work within that format.
  • @cprussin/jest-config: A set of shared jest config that configures jest runners for unit testing, running prettier checks, and running eslint checks. Configurations are exported for use in or out of next.js projects.
  • @cprussin/tsconfig: A set of shared strict tsconfig.json files. Included are a base configuration, a configuration for webworkers (including service workers), a configuration for React projects, and a configuration for next.js projects.
  • @cprussin/prettier-config: A shared prettier configuration. This is currently empty and really just exists so that there's an easy place where I can consistently update things across all projects that use my shared configs in case I ever decide to modify the prettier defaults.


CLI Tools